Beyond physical fitness, we believe in nurturing the mind-body connection. Through disciplined training, our members not only improve their physical strength, endurance, and flexibility but also develop mental resilience, focus, and self-discipline. Join the Tiger Kickboxing community and unlock your potential. Experience the exhilaration of kickboxing, boost your confidence, and become part of a supportive and motivating fitness family. Embrace the spirit of the tiger and embark on a transformative journey with Tiger Kickboxing in Dubai.

A Story Never Told. Until Now.

A Gym so dedicated to building unmatched fighters from the ground up. Competing constantly to hone their skills.

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The best club in UAE and advise to all parents. Both of my kids (Gajar and Omar Mirza) are golden medalists in UAE and without competitors, as a result of hard work of all coaches in a Tiger Gym. Its all about building a strong relationship and individual road map for every student with involvement of parent, coach and kid himself!!!

Nial M.

Proud Parent

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The best kickboxing gym ever....I have been with them for more than 3 years now and my kids are super duper happy....My son won the UAE championship golden medal 2 Times…he never lost....the coaches are the best and so cooperative especially coach Ahmed who is dealing with children as his kids....Happy to be part of this team.

Sawsan S.

Part of the Tiger Family